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Hi. Through one of my internet searches, I came across your website, with photo's of Jawa's from all over the world. Just wanted to share pictures of this customized Jawa 639-2, 1998. Wessel weeijk@wanadoo.nl

Customized Jawa 639-2, 1998 Customized Jawa 639-2, 1998 Customized Jawa 639-2, 1998

Following was done to get it looking like it is:

The former owner has changed some things. The handlebars were replaced by an Enduro one which is 93 cm wide. The horns were taken away under the tank. A power filter was placed behind the carb. The rear suspension was replaced by shorter and stiffer ones, it now feels like a hard tale. Both buddy seats were lowered and in the passenger one, the tail lights were placed. The rear mudguard was shortened. Small indicators are used to give it a more fun bike look.

Here are a couple of photos of my 1960 Jawa 250cc, Model 353/04. Itís a reasonably rare one in that the tank logo has Jawa-NZ instead of the more usual JAWA-CZ. This is because they were assembled in New Zealand for a short period in the late 1950's to early 1960's. I bought it as a complete wreck years ago, and just finished restoring it about 12 months ago. The trophies were won at the Ashburton Motorcycle Show in November (The major bike show in the South Island, New Zealand), where it won Best European Bike and Best Pre-1966 Bike. Just proves you donít have to own a large glamorous bike to win prizes! I use it regularly, going to work and rallies and general weekend rides and it has proved to be reliable, once I got an initial electrical problem in the magdyno sorted out. John Benn (Christchurch, New Zealand).

1960 Jawa 250cc, Model 353/04 1960 Jawa 250cc, Model 353/04 1960 Jawa 250cc, Model 353/04

At present, I am working on a 1975 CZ 477 175cc which should be completed by Summer 2005. Enjoy! Maureen Malone, NY, USA mfaubert@westelcom.com

1975 CZ 477 175cc 1966 Jawa 353 07 250cc

This motorbike started life as a standard Jawa 350cc model 634 (1977 or thereabouts). The owner came from South Wales and the bike kept evolving at each annual rally until in the early 1980's it had a new engine transplanted from a Citroen 2CV. The gear lever came up between the tank and seat I suspect that got moved eventually. Where the bike and owner are now is a mystery but the hunt is on as it would be interesting to see if it still exists. Where is this bike now?

1977 Jawa 350cc model 634 1977 Jawa 350cc model 634 1977 Jawa 350cc model 634 with 2CV engine 1977 Jawa 350cc model 634 with 2CV engine

Paul Wheatley's 1977/8 model 988.2 Enduro 250. pewheatley@ntlworld.com

1977/8 model 988.2†Enduro 250 1977/8 model 988.2†Enduro 250

Ted Lee from Houston, Texas, USA sent these photo's of his CZ which has only 850 miles on the clock!

CZ in the USA CZ in the USA

Greetings from Roberto Martinez of Argentina. What do you think to my 1947 Perak 250? jawaczar@arnet.com.ar

1947 Perak 250 1947 Perak 250

I have restored one CZ of the year 1972 125cc sport posilube with all papers for on the road.Source: t.florisse@chello.nl

1972 CZ 125cc sport posilube

Source: Gustavo M. Peyronnet, General Pico (Provincia de La Pampa), Repķblica Argentina

Vista lateral derecha

This is the surviving prototype JAWA Scooter powered by either a 175cc or 250cc engine (memory failure) that appeared at the 2001 West Kent Run. I had the opportunity to ride it around the field. The owner rescued it when the other five prototype machines were being broken up. Source: Arthur Fleming

JAWA Scooter JAWA Scooter JAWA Scooter


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