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JAWA CZ Photo Gallery 4

For pleasure see my pictures about all my Jawa collection and give me your opinion. Have a nice day. Etienne BLANCHON (France) codamex@codamex.fr

Jawa 500 OHC JAWA 353 Jawa 354 1952 Jawa Perak

I have just finished my Jawa 350 chopper project, and thought you you might like to show it on your pictures section. l bought this bike in Wales for £350 in good condition with only 2000 miles on the clock. l live near Portsmouth but completed the trip in 10 hours. It is a quite rare Jawa 350 Chopper 1995. What l have always wanted is a twin two stroke street scrambler and the only bike that came close was a good old Jawa 350. l know it is good to keep these bikes original so as l have changed a few bits l have done this so as l will be able to refit all these bits back to make it original again. l have put trials bars on, relocated the mudguards, fitted smaller indicators and a pair of micron exhausts which sound great (but not too loud) off eBay for £125. All in, it has cost me less than £500 and l am so proud of how it has turned out. rr.hulse@ntlworld.com

Jawa 350 chopper Jawa 350 chopper Jawa 350 chopper

Portuguese Antonio Lourinho and Ricardo Lourinho - father and son owners of this Jawa 500 OHC Typ15/00 (1952) which will soon be restored to its original condition. If you have any spare parts for this Jawa model please E-mail them as they are still struggling to find some bits to complete their restoration. E-mail: Kinglourinho@gmail.com

Jawa 500 OHC Typ15/00 1952

West Kent Run 2009. Just thought you'd like to see a few pics. Event was a huge success public car park had to be closed after an hour as it was full and it was pretty big! As you can see we presented a good cross section that drew in the visitors. The Avenue was heaving all day. You may just see Mr Kinnish trying to hide in one pic! Czech bike club also exhibited.

Arthur Fleming

CZ 98 CZ 175 CZ 98 Jawa 350 4 stroke Jawa Robot pre war Jawa West Kent Run 2009 West Kent Run 2009

Hi Pete

Here are a couple of shots of a 1957 Jawa 250 complete with Velorex sidecar which took part in the recent International Rally at Luc sur Mer, near Caen. It ran two-up all day and performed remarkably well. Now if I could just get one to bolt onto my Jawa 250..................

Best regards, Pete Bartlett pebee@wanadoo.fr 

1957 Jawa 250 with Velorex sidecar 1957 Jawa 250 with Velorex sidecar

To Pete Edwards,

This is not a request for tools etc. Just to say all the best to the Jawa / CZ Owners Club. I look at the very interesting website every couple of weeks to keep me up-to-date. Nice to see some of the names are still around from the early days. I look back to the early rallies at Swindon we had with very fond memories. I couldn’t wait for the date to come around each year and still have the prizes I won including all the rally badges from 1978 to 1985. I still have the motorcycle I made with the Citroen 2CV engine / gearbox all those years ago (though I can’t ride anymore).

It has a Citroen Visa 652cc engine, modified to fit a 2CV gearbox, fitted with infra red ignition, lightened fly wheel 7lb, lightened clutch, hydraulic operated, CX 500 forks and wheel, twin front discs, modified cylinder heads fitted with twin Amal carbs, alloy rocker covers, straight through stainless exhausts, 4 speed and reverse gears. I did try to start it 4 years ago. The carbs were flooding but there was a good spark. Below are a few photos.

Anyway, best wishes to the Jawa / CZ Owners Club. From a very old ex club member.

Regards, Geoff White. (South Wales)

GTW 2CV engined JAWA special Q302 UDW GTW 2CV engined JAWA special Q302 UDW GTW 2CV engined JAWA special Q302 UDW GTW 2CV engined JAWA special Q302 UDW GTW 2CV engined JAWA special Q302 UDW

These photo's were sent in by Peter Fedor of Slovakia. peterfedor@centrum.sk. The first photo is a white Laurin and Klement replica. The other photo's are a CZ 250 and CZ 125 motocross.

Laurin and Klement replica CZ 250 motocross CZ 250 motocross CZ 250 motocross CZ 125 motocross CZ 250 motocross CZ 125 motocross

New JAWA 660 introduced on a motorbikes show in Prague last month. It will be on the market from early 2010. This new model will replace current JAWA 650 motorcycles. How do you like it? We think it looks great.

Jawa 660

Saw your website while looking for JAWA info. This 350 JAWA was converted to an outboard leg here in West Australia in the 1960's. We still can't confirm the brand of leg it was adapted to. The fins were removed and copper jackets fitted around the cylinders for cooling. The kick start is now a hand start lever! It is fitted with a 6 volt electric fuel pump and carb just rotated 90 degrees so as to remain upright. You may want to use it on your photo gallery. An excellent site. Well done! Regards Steve Green outboard@iinet.net.au

JAWA 350 engine converted into an outboard

Hello, I just want to send you some pictures of my Jawa 638 outfit, which I mainly use in winter for rallies like the Dreiköngistreffen or the Tauerntreffen in the Austrian alps.

I built the outfit in 2007, using a rather rotten Jawa 638 from Styria, a Velorex boat from Vorarlberg and a sidecar frame from Russia. In my opinion it is perfect for driving in winter, because its so light, which makes things much easier in the snow. With tyres, all the Austrian winter drivers I know use the tyres made by Stephan Immler in Germany, which are perfect in heavy snow conditions. With these you need not very often to fit the snow chains to get further on.

Unfortunately this year on the way home from the Tauerntreffen (which means riding up a sledge track and camp 1700m high on the mountain to participate) the gearing of the Jawa broke. So I had to get out the engine a 350km from home, take it with me and leave the rest there. I built up the engine new already and it waits for getting reinstalled to get the outfit back home. Because I didn't find very much information about building up a Jawa 638 engine on the web, I documented the whole thing from changing the crankshaft bearings, building the gearing in the right way and reassembling the whole thing. With kind regards from Austria, Robert Kittel robert.kittel@kittel.co.at

Jawa 638 outfit Jawa 638 outfit

Dear Jawa CZ Owners Club! I send you these pictures. My bike is 25 years old. I am 2nd owner. Best regards, János Sólyom falcon81@mailbox.hu

Dsc00046.jpg (188668 bytes) CZ 250 485 CZ 250 485 CZ 250 485 CZ 250 485

CZ 250 485 CZ 250 485 CZ 250 485 CZ 250 485  

Some Jawa CZ postage stamps and a Norwegian Jawa CZ postcard. Arthur Fleming - Club Librarian arthur.fleming@tesco.net

CZ 150 Strakonice 1951 postage stamp  Jawa 250 postage stamp Jawa 175 postage stamp Norwegian Jawa Owners Club postcard

These pictures of a Jawa and a Velorex sidecar were posted on a Russian motorcycle site I frequent. I thought they might be of interest. Chris Webb mrcmwebb@hotmail.com 

Jawa and a Velorex sidecar Jawa and a Velorex sidecar Jawa and a Velorex sidecar

After BBC Top Gear's Eastern Europe car special featuring a Velorex 3 wheeler, I wonder what Clarkson and Co would have done with these? A four wheeled Velorex, a stretch Velorex and a new 'Smart' Skoda!

A four wheeled Velorex car A stretched Velorex limo Chopped Skoda Estelle

Czech car of the year?

Dear Jawa CZ Owners Club,

Here is a photo of my 250cc bike which is the same model as shown in your leading photo of Ian Robert's bike (obviously in much better condition). Mine is original apart from the mirrors, and the tank was resprayed. It is not really surprising that the model was rare, as, even though I enjoy it now regards general handling and 4th gear throttle response between 60 and 90 km/h, which is nice for tight roads, I believe the 175 was better a performer overall. Also, looking at the saddle on Ian Roberts bike, I think I have an economy version, albeit with aluminum rims. Regards, Alan Boyd sandboyd@telkomsa.net 

250cc Jawa

Below are some photos of my 1961 Jawa Manet AOO 869 that I am restoring. It seems like every one knows about the 350s but not many have heard of the Manet 100s. As you can see this bike has not been on the road for many years and even after I spent most of the day cleaning the mold and grass that was growing on it there is still a lot to be done. Mark Reeve reeve_62@hotmail.com

Manet frame Manet frame and engine Manet scooter rear Manet scooter front Manet scooter fairing Manet scooter handlebars

Ian Roberts’ very tidy & quite rare CZ model 485, 250cc single.  This model is a “modern” CZ frame and cycle parts, fitted with an engine similar to the older Jawa 559 twin port, but with a single exhaust.

CZ model 485, 250cc single

This came from a friend in Montenegro (in the Balkans) and is of obvious interest. The bike is based on a Type 639 and is a split twin. This means that rather than the sensible option of having the pistons 30 degrees out of sync with each other, the pistons move in banks of three. This means that with the choice of already torquey power plant, power pulses to the rear tyre are a bit violent. It does, however, solve the ignition and exhaust pipe problem, as a staggered firing 30 degree engine would require six separate pipes and complex ignition. Andy Reid

Jawa type 639 split twinJawa Type 639 split twin     Jawa Type 639 split twin

A Jawa combo spotted for sale on a USA web site for $11,500.00. A 1959 Jawa 350cc attached to a hideous sidecar. 

1959 JAWA/CZ 350 and sidecar 1959 JAWA/CZ 350 and sidecar 1959 JAWA/CZ 350 and sidecar 1959 JAWA/CZ 350 and sidecar 1959 JAWA/CZ 350 engine and fuel tank 1959 JAWA/CZ 350 fuel tank and petrol cap

Here are a few shots I took while covering the Manx Classic Trials Weekend. The rider is Gunter Ruttloff from Germany and the bike is a 1962 270cc Jawa CZ. Gunter won the overseas award and the overseas newcomer award. Roy Maddox 265 Images

1962 270cc Jawa CZ 1962 270cc Jawa CZ 1962 270cc Jawa CZ engine Gunter Ruttloff Gunter Ruttloff

Whilst I am not a member and only had the misfortune to own a CZ 175 Trail for 12 months in 1976/77, I have always kept an eye open for them when out and about. I saw this model in the El Khalili market in Cairo last week. I have a snap of the other side too; you can see the engine is a Linhai twin. There is also a Jawa 350 combo I snapped in Aswan. The vast majority of over 250cc bikes I saw in Egypt were various models of Jawa 350. They are even used by the Police, alongside some very, very ratty Yamaha FJ1200s. I also saw a tidy 1960's Jawa 250 twin rattling about Cairo (a bulbous red thing it was). Sadly, my favourite Marque (MZ) was not as prominent, with only a smattering of ETZs in evidence. The current hot bikes in Egypt are Dayun and Honda 150 fourstrokes. Tony Houlihan Windermere.

Cezet 150 Cezet 150 Aswan Jawa 350 combo

Below is a photo of a full restoration of a 1977 CZ 175 Trail I bought in a sad condition last September of eBay. I have had great amusement from this restoration and found people very optimistic about this marque. I also have a CZ 250 twin and a Jawa 350 which will receive the same nut and bolt restoration. Parts for these bikes are still reasonably easy to obtain. The classic scene is much more fun and it’s great to hear the sounds of the seventies 2 stroke machines again. Colin Field, Livingston, Scotland (CZ club member).

Fully restored 1977 CZ 175 Trail

3 sets of clippings of early Jawa ISDTs in winning action in Wales in 1954.

Left: In line ahead are the Czechs K Rykr (Jawa 154), J Pudil (Jawa 72), Ted Usher (500 Matchless) and Johnny Brittain (Royal Enfield).

Middle: Motor Cycling, September 30, 1954.

Right: The Victorious Czech Tropy Team (Left to right) V Sedina, J Kubes, S Klinu, J Pudil, B Roucka all rode Jawa's

K Rykr (Jawa 154), J Pudil (Jawa 72), Ted Usher (500 Matchless) and Johnny Brittain (Royal Enfield) ISDT Jawa rider Motor Cycling, September 30, 1954. Czech Trophy Team - V Sedina, J Kubes, S Klinu, J Pudil, B Roucka 

Jubilee CZ 1979. From left: Pete Edwards, Mary Long, Mike Long and Colin Gregory.

Pete Edwards, Mary Long, Mike Long, Colin Gregory

Thought you might be able to use one or two pictures - spring 2008 in Kent, the garden of England! And one of me with a happy face to match that Aussie farmer! Pete Bevis.

Pete Bevis and WVX 875S Silver Jawa 350 Oilmaster Silver Jawa 350 Oilmaster Silver Jawa 350 Oilmaster Silver Jawa 350 Oilmaster Silver Jawa 350 Oilmaster


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