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JAWA CZ Photo Gallery 5

Back in the mid 1950's my dad was a cycle mechanic in southern Holland. He always talked about his CZ 350. I hope to find one someday to add to my stable of bikes.
I have two pictures of my dad on his CZ: one he riding in a street competition (that he won) in Oss, and the other is my dad and mom on vacation in Germany.
Andy Van Herwynen, Green Bay, WI (USA) andyvh1959@gmail.com

CZ 350 in Oss Jawa N-57937 [+] Click to enlarge


Hello best friends!  Here is a picture of an Italjet Vampire which belongs to a friend of mine. Very rare, maybe something for your club Magazine. With best Jawa/CZ regards. Wooflas Boob Erwin (Netherlands) brittertries@zonnet.nl 

Jawa Italjet Vampire

Attached are a few pictures of my Jawa 350, 638 which I have converted into a Café racer. It is a bit of an on-going project and the next thing I want to do is get some expansion chambers. I’m hoping to get the bike on the road before the end of September.

Axel Stein axel.stein01@googlemail.com

Jawa 350 638 Cafe Racer battery Jawa 350 638 Cafe Racer speedo Jawa 350 638 Cafe Racer before restoration Jawa 350 638 Cafe Racer after restoration Jawa 350 638 Cafe Racer exhausts Jawa 350 638 Cafe Racer front

As you know there has been a great deal of publicity surrounding the Jawa Retro model produced by an independent company. Jawa informed me that this independently produced model is not a Jawa, not covered by Jawa warranty and they were in the process of taking legal action to protect their brand name. However the good news is that the factory have seen the merits of a Retro model and I can now offer the official factory produced and warranted Jawa 350 Retro. The first delivery is here at F2 and I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. The new Retro model retains the electric start and oil pump from the standard Classic model but the frame and panels hark back to the 1970's 634 model. I think they have done a fantastic job.

David Angel. F2 Motorcycles Ltd

Jawa Retro 350

I hope you can help me. Several years ago I hand built myself a Cezeta sidecar with a Suzuki 250cc engine in it. I heard that it went overseas and is driving around somewhere in England. Do you know who owns it yet?

Paul Kuijs. Netherlands  paulkuijs@online.nl / www.jawagek.nl 

Cezeta sidecar with Suzuki 250cc engine green and white Cezeta sidecar with Suzuki 250cc engine Cezeta sidecar and Suzuki 250cc engine

My 1947 Jawa Perak has an interesting story behind it. It was registered on the 13th of August 1947 and India became independent 2 days later.  So this is one of the last motorbikes to be registered before Independence. These are the details of my Perak:

Chassis No: 9-6832
Engine No: 11-5276 

I will surely update you on the proceedings and will keep you posted on the restoration. Please see below a few pictures and let me know your thoughts. Thanks again, Pratap Henry

1947 Jawa Perak 1947 Jawa Perak 1947 Jawa Perak 1947 Jawa Perak 1947 Jawa Perak

The photo's below were sent in by Glen Newport. 


1969 CZ 450 1972 Jawa 360 1972 Jawa Mustang 1957 Jawa 356 175 1972 Jawa 559 1958 Jawa 354

Bkelafis from Zakynthos (Zante) Greece sent a photo of a CZ 175 with Honda Chinese copy engine 110cc.

CZ 175 with Honda chinese copy engine 110cc.jpg (1842549 bytes)

I see your web pages, its very nice to see that English are supporters of Czech Jawa - its great! You have nice bikes there!
Below is my Jawa 350 perak from 1950. Refurbished over winter. With the best regards, Jaroslav Musil from
Czech Republic

1950 Jawa 350 perak


Below is the next what I have - Jawa 500 OHC from 1957, refurbished in 2 years (not correct all parts, but I like her).

Restored 1957 Jawa 500 OHC

This is my bike. A Jawa 360-00. This motorcycle is cool....very cool. Peter Bodnar from Hungary

Jawa 360-00 Jawa 360-00

Hi, I was looking through the photo's on your site and noticed that you may be interested in some Jawa photo's. I've attached some that you are welcome to use. This Jawa started life as a T.S. 350 from 1990. I wanted something more retro looking but had to be Jawa. So I set about trying to develop and make a new model of my own (the R.T. 350). This involved making almost everything myself that's fitted to this Jawa such as rear fender strut's, rear light holder, new seat base with modified seat rail etc. The front end has been lowered by 40mm and the rear end raised by the same amount. With all these modifications the seat height is lower than standard. The exhaust's have been shortened and raised at the rear.  Hope you like. Terence Hines

Black Jawa RT 350 Black Jawa RT 350

Hi Pete. Just a little something for the Jawa Mag! If anyone is in Southern California, try looking in on the Town of "Solvang" a Danish village built in California just off Highway 1 or PCH as its known! There you will find a very nice motorcycle museum with some nice Jawa & CZ racer's on display plus the village is nice to look around too.  Regards Ray Burgess-Lowe

1960 500cc Jawa Factory Racer Type 857 320cc CZ Factory Racer Type 857 320cc CZ Factory Racer 125cc CZ Double Overhead Cam Racer

Lofty Pretorius from South Africa has been working hard to launch his JAWA 500 OHC Twin which looks great!

JAWA 500 OHC Twin JAWA 500 OHC Twin JAWA 500 OHC Twin

I am Murat from Alanya, Turkey. My joy and pride is a 1971 Type 559 250cc. It has been overhauled down to the last nut and bolt. She is now the mascot of our airport (TAV Alanya-Gazipasa Airport). The overall cost was no more than 175 GBP including all the license papers etc...

1971 Jawa Type 559 250cc 1971 Jawa Type 559 250cc 1971 Jawa Type 559 250cc

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